Putting Michigan Kids First is the theme of my campaign and it’s the reason I proudly served on the board from 1995-2002. Unfortunately, the current UofM administration has all but ignored this critical principle. If elected, I will continue to fight for an admission policy which supports our deserving Michigan high school students first, and not those students here illegally or from out of state or overseas.

I’m very proud of my record on the board from 1995-2002 and promise to hold strong my conservative principles if elected to serve again.

My conservative record speaks for itself:

  • I am 100% Pro-Life
  • I reject the notion of special privileges for same sex domestic partnerships.
  • I support not only the Second Amendment, but also the entire Michigan and United States Constitutions.
  • I do not support the new Common Core proposals.
  • I will remain steadfast that admission to the University must be based on academic merit and not the color of one’s skin!
  • I will refuse to promote further tax burdens on the great citizens of Michigan.
  • I will push for an immediate freeze on tuition.
  • I will continue to fight against any student groups’ attempt to unionize.

These are the values I fought for as a Regent, and these are the same values I will again champion as we work to bring a conservative majority to the University Of Michigan Board Of Regents.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend at the State Committee meeting!

Your support, encouragement and endorsement are critical to my success. I hope you’ll join my team today by clicking here.

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Dan Horning

Dan Horning